Extract Sweeteners

Technically (and pedantically), all sugars & sweeteners are extracts: even table sugar isn’t ‘natural’. However, as some people are more inclined to point out that sweeteners like stevia “aren’t natural” (and unless you’re chewing on a freshly-picked, chewy, licorice-flavoured stevia leaf or dunking a raw, 4-foot tall sugarcane stalk in your coffee, then heads up: your sweetener isn’t natural either), it seems that this is the most appropriate place to include naturally-derived sweeteners where the sweetening element has been extracted from the source.

Luo Han Guo (Monk fruit)

As you most likely already know, fructose is most commonly found in fruit, which does include monk fruit (also known…

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As I mentioned in Extract Sweeteners, pretty much any version of stevia that you can buy is an extract. You…

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